About Congregation Beth El

Our Mission Statement: The mission of Congregation Beth El is to foster a welcoming, diverse, and egalitarian community within the framework of Conservative Judaism, and to enrich the lives of its members through worship, learning, fellowship, celebration and tikun olam—healing the world.

Congregation Beth El is a Conservative synagogue set near one of the most beautiful corners of Southeastern Connecticut. Only a mile from the ocean in a residential area, our synagogue aims to provide a haven of peace and spirituality. With its soaring ceilings, angled walls, and picture windows bathing the congregation in natural light, the sanctuary is breathtaking, especially when filled to capacity on the High Holy Days. We are a welcoming, inclusive, egalitarian Jewish congregation that follows traditions in prayer and religious worship, looking for learning opportunities whenever possible.

But, a beautiful building is nothing without a loving congregation. Founded in 1932 the congregation has grown and matured – like many modern communities. We welcome new members: singles, couples, seniors, families of various compositions – as they are the lifeblood of any congregation. In keeping with conservative Jewry’s teachings, women take part in all aspects of our religious service. We are proud to host a Solomon Schechter School on our grounds, and a nursery school for those too young to attend kindergarten. We have a Men’s Club, an active adult education program, speakers and concerts.

Several times a year Beth El holds activities and services in conjunction with other synagogues in the area. If you are looking for a synagogue to enrich your life, we hope you will consider joining our family.

Stop by.   We’d like to meet you.  

Officers of the Board

Adam Goldstein - President
Judi Goldberg - Vice President
Kathleen Mcfadden - 2nd Vice President
Michael Cohen - Treasurer
Karl Bratin - Assistant Treasurer
Karla Bendor - Recording/
Corresponding Secretary
Rena Linder - Financial Secretary
Karla Bendor/Kathleen Mcfadden - Membership

Board Members-at-Large
Professionals & Past Presidents

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